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Anti-Porn [NEW]


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Windows Software | Anti-Porn | 3.0 Mb (HF+FSN)
Anti Porn blocking the viewing porn sites. Uninstall or disable, you
can only know the password. The program worked well, good for the
leaders and fathers of families, because it is the optimum solution
for increasing productivity of employees, and parents will not worry
that their child spends on the Internet while watching porn.

Main features:

Block porn web sites
Anti porn
blocks thousands of porn web sites and predatory words.You also can
predefine thing you dont let kids to see, for example, web site and
offensive words.At the same time, you can control the filtering
Limit internet chat
Anti porn can limit many popular chatting softwares and web chat chambers.
Limit internet access by day and time

You can easily assign internet access time at certain hours, even on
specific day.A special feature of Anti Porn is that the PC time will be
calibrate as Greenwich Time.
Keep a complete log of the computer history
Anti porn keeps a detail log of all web sites visited, blocked or not.
Record traffic data for an overview of internet use
You can take an inventory of your childrens computer, and find all pictures, movies, music files and web pages.
Commend trusted web sites
Anti porn has commended several websites, which are fit for children. You also can add in any others.

System requirements

Any PC running Windows 95/98/2000, Windows ME, Windows NT, Windows XP or Windows 7.
16 MB RAM and 600KB of free hard disk space.
A mouse or other tracking device.
High Color display is recommended.

I  N  S  T  A  L  L

1) Unpack and install.

2) Overwrite existing with cracked files.

3) Enjoy this release
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