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Microsoft Streets And Trips 2011


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Microsoft Streets And Trips 2011
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Microsoft Streets And Trips 2011
System requirements:
Windows 2000/500MHZ/128MB RAM/600 MB HD

R E L E A S E  N O T E S

Streets & Trips delivers a mapping solution that offers much more than
what is available online. It doesnt require an Internet connection to
use, and there are no distracting ads. You also get options to customize
your trips by start and stop times, driving speeds, or even road types.
Use Streets & Trips to plan and customize routes in advance, and keep
directions at your fingertips.

I N S T A L L  N O T E S

1. Burn/Mount and install.

All software included in this release is only intended for your use if
you own a legal license to this software. We are not to be held
responsible for illegal use/installation of this software. If you choose
to install and test this software and you decide to keep it, you must
purchase a valid license. If you do not own legal license to this
software we will not be held responsible for any charges brought against
you by any software company(s) or people working for any software
company(s). We do not support piracy, we are here only to provide an

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